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Presentation has become Prodi Art and with this name change offers a wider choice of printing media, better visual rendering and a greater diversity of style and artistic themes.

Born from the passion of a programmer for photography in its many aspects: street photography, green landscapes, long exposure photography, photo manipulation, black and white, storm photos, …

Our missions

We want to promote the work of the photographer by facilitating his sales of works to the client. Our photographers can thus concentrate fully on their passion, travel the world to make the most beautiful shots, or create digital artworks by photo editing.

The platform is primarily qualitative, intuitive and easy to use for customers and photographers.

In order to guarantee a quality platform with diverse images, we have set a first tier for 100 images that photographers can download in their galleries.

How it works?

Prodi Art takes care of everything or almost!

  • The platform is maintained and constantly evolving
  • Marketing Promotions and Advertising
  • Print media, print, framing, mat
  • The logistics part

For the customer

In just a few clicks!

  1. Sign up,
  2. Choose the artwork and type of print media (framed artwork or art print)
  3. Choose your payment method

For art prints, you can select a "Standard Frame" format and thus frame the work of your choice yourself. This "Standard Frame" format also allows you to reuse your frames.

And it only remains to imagine the work at home.

For the photographer

Nothing's easier

  1. Sign up,
  2. Show us some of your work via the application form,
  3. Upload your photos
  4. Set your rates freely according to the size of the print

For each draw sold, the photographer receives the commission he has previously defined. Prodi Art does not charge anything on your commissions!

Your photographs are protected and you keep the copyright. There is no limit on the sale of copies.

Main features offered by Prodi Art:

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