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Colored rain, Fine Art
Colored rain, Fine Art
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Colored rain

by Banksy

Colored rain from Fine Art, Prodi Art, banksy, rain, child, street, drawing, graffiti, joy, business man
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The symbols in this Banksy image are a child standing under colored paint, while the adult character is using an umbrella and wearing a suit and briefcase.

However, this leads the viewer to question the meaning the artist wants to give to the work. The child is standing with his arms open and tongue hanging out, hoping to catch the multi-colored rain and taking on a bright color himself.
The contrast with the adult figure is marked by the black tones and the severe expression on his face.

The adult sees what the child is fully embracing as boring and as an obstacle to what he would prefer to do. Banksy, in my individual interpretation of this image, depicts a loss of fulfillment in life, somewhere between childhood and the consumerist nature of adulthood. Our daily schedules and constant movement through life become an unconscious notion of tunnel vision that limits our experiences. Ultimately, it is up to us to become aware of this polarizing nature within us and find a balance, where even as adults we can go back to dancing in the rain.
About Banksy
One of the most influential figures in contemporary street art, Banksy remains a mystery. For more than two decades, Banksy has shone with his talent, teasing, pushing and provoking. His art is a sometimes accusatory and sometimes mocking reflection of our society. He directs it with a masterful hand and continues to fuel speculation about his identity.

These are only assumptions, but it is believed that Banksy was born in Bristol, Britain, in 1974.
His real name would be Robert Banks, or Robin Gunningham. His first steps would have been in a graffiti group, the DryBreadZ in Bristol. Already in 1998, he participated in graffiti festivals, creating the mural The Mild Mild West. In 2004, he produced his first controversial work, the counterfeit bills with the effigy of Lady Di, which were scattered during the carnival in Notting Hill. The following year, he made his way onto the walls of the world's major museums such as the MoMa, Tate Britain and the Louvre, where he installed his own works.

His favourite medium is still stencil. He has an incisive look at consumer society, politics and the military sphere. Always in search of new themes and new exhibition spaces, Banksy brings to Disneyland an inflatable doll, dressed in the same clothes as the Guantanamo prisoners. He also painted on the Bethlehem Wall in support of the Palestinians, including the famous mural of the young Vietnamese woman burned with napalm holding the hands of Mickey Mouse and Ronald McDonald.

In addition to painting, Banksy also excels in directing. In fact, the film Faites le mur! released in 2010 will be nominated for an Oscar for best documentary, and will be presented at the Sundance Film Festival.

Categorically refusing to participate in capitalism, Banksy regrets that some of his works have been stolen and sold at auction. In 2013, he seized a booth in Central Park, where he sold some of his works for $60 each, when they were estimated at $160,000.
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